Mabin at a Glance

Mabin at a Glance

On the following pages, you can explore our mission statement and core values, see key facts about the school and find out what sets our graduates apart.

Our Mission

To create the next generation of original thinkers, adaptive leaders and caring citizens.

Our Values

The Love and Joy of Learning

We believe that by inspiring a love and joy of learning, we establish a path of success for life.


We are committed to being exceptionally good at all that we do and strive to surpass the expectations of our community.

Creativity and Innovation

We are proud of our ability to be proactive, innovative, take responsible risks and to think creatively.


At Mabin, community matters. Caring, empathy, collaboration and a commitment to helping others underlie all that we do.

Respect and Inclusion

We respect, accept and welcome diversity. We place a high value on the individual’s ability to think and act differently, and on fostering relationships that are inclusive and non-judgmental.


We believe in the need to be genuine and truthful in all that we do.