Our Community

A sense of community is one of the most powerful aspects of the Mabin program and we strive to create strong, sustained relationships among our students, faculty and families.

Our Home Away From Home

The Mabin School is a small, progressive, independent school located in central Toronto. Housed in an old mansion, the school’s setting ensures that a child’s first school experience is comfortable and familiar.


The school has one class at each grade level. The average class size is 20 children with an equal ratio of boys and girls, where possible. However, students spend part of each day in smaller instructional groups, which results in an unsurpassed student-teacher ratio.

Parent Participation

Voluntary parent participation is encouraged. Our parents participate in a variety of ways, from helping in the classroom or library to accompanying class trips and organizing community events, including outreach and fundraising projects.

Parents’ Association and Volunteers

All parents are members of our Parents’ Association, which is integral to the success of the school. The Parents’ Association is involved in coordinating various events throughout the school year. Parents have endless opportunities to become involved in our school community and lend their expertise, from accompanying students on field trips to being guest speakers and organizing special events.