Parent Communication

Student Reporting & Progress Updates

The school has one progress report for JK and SK, and two progress reports for Grades 1 to 6. These written documents, along with formal parent-teacher interviews, provide feedback on academic and social progress. Parents are encouraged to meet with our teachers whenever an update is needed or an issue arises that may need attention. Our teachers also keep parents apprised of their child’s academic, social, and emotional progress on a regular basis.

Goal setting, which takes place early in the year, is an integral part of this process as it further encourages self-awareness and supports students in recognizing their strengths, understanding their challenges, and making a plan for continued development. Student-Led Conferences (SLC), which occur in February, are an opportunity for parents to listen to their children explain their learning. They show the learning that has occurred up until a particular point in time and that will continue until the end of the year.